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F2812/335 Dual Fiber Optic Serial Port daughtercard


Model No.: LR-F2812COM-1
RoHS Compliant Product

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Complete Product Information  

The model LR-F2812COM-1 Dual Fiber Optic Serial Port daughtercard allows the DSP developer to add 2 optically isolated serial ports to the Spectrum Digital, Inc. F2812 or F28335 eZdsp development system. Each port has a maximum data rate of 921.6 kbps.

Often, in motor control or power supply control applications, it is necessary to have remote access to the DSP without interfering with the ground levels of the system being controlled. The Link Research model LR-F2812COM-1 provides true galvanic isolation between the command control (HMI, PLC, PC, etc) and the DSP system.

Easy to manage, 1mm plastic fiber is used as the serial communication channel. This fiber requires no special tools to cut, and does not require cut-end polishing. Simply use an X-acto knife to cut the fiber to length. The model LR-F2812COM-1 is supplied with two 3 ft. pieces of fiber. Additional lengths of fiber are readily available at electronic suppliers such as Digi-Key, etc.



  • eZdsp™ DSK to eZdsp™ DSK optically isolated serial communications
  • eZdsp™ DSK to PC optically isolated serial communications
  • Low overhead real-time target monitoring (target visibility)
  • Real-time target parameter adjustment


What's in the Box
  • Dual Fiber Optic Serial Port board
  • Extra set of connectors for the eZdsp™
  • Two 3 ft. lengths of fiber
  • CD containing sample code and documentation

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Ordering information:

Model Number Description
LR-F2812COM-1 This version of the board substitutes two fiber optic serial ports in place of the two RS-232 ports on the standard version described directly above. This board will operate with either the F2812 eZdsp or the F28335 eZdsp board. This version is ideal in situations where true galvanic isolation is required between the DSP target and the PC or other HMI equipment. Standard 1mm plastic fiber is used with this version.

 Typical Application:

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The image above shows a typical use of the LR-F2812COM-1 fiber optic serial port daughtercard (right). The laptop is running Code Composer Studio (CCS) and is connected to the F2812 eZdsp board with the DB-25 cable. The DB-9 serial port cable is also connected to the laptop, allowing HyperTerminal or a user's custom program to communicate with the eZdsp board through our model LR-F2812COM-2, RS-232 to fiber converter (center).

 Another Application:


The above figure illustrates a setup where one eZdsp™ is communicating with another eZdsp™ using fiber optic cable. In this example, the two eZdsp™'s are galvanically isolated from one another. This setup eliminates any possibility of ground loop issues, and avoids issues caused by the difference in ground potentials between the two target systems.


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