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Add-on daughtercard to the LR-F28335DAQA (New)


Model No.: LR-28335DAQA8x8
RoHS Compliant Product

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Complete Product Information  

The Link Research model LR-28335DAQA8x8 is a piggyback board designed to function with the model LR-F28335DAQA. It increases the number of A/D and D/A channels to a maxumum of 16 each. This board must be used with the model LR-F28335DAQA and the F28335 eZdsp™ development system from Spectrum Digital, Inc™. It cannot be used alone. This board requires no external power supply, since it generates all required voltages from the eZdsp's 5V supply.

This product is not compatible with the F2812 eZdsp board. Please see our model LR-2812DAQA8x8 for use with the F2812 eZdsp development system.

  • 3 Phase power supply designs
  • 3 Phase power inverter designs
  • Line power monitoring
  • Power factor correction control
  • Motor control
What's in the Box
  • Data Acquisition Board with 8 A/D and 8 D/A circuits
  • CD containing sample programs and documentation

 Ordering Guide

If you need this... Then you should order these items: Number of boards
4 A/D and 8 D/A Channels LR-F28335DAQA 1
8 A/D and 8 D/A Channels LR-F28335DAQA and LR-F28335DAQ-1 1
16 A/D and 16 D/A Channels LR-F28335DAQA and LR-F28335DAQ-1 and LR-28335DAQA8x8 2


Ordering information:

Model Number Description
LR-28335DAQA8x8 This board contains 8 14-bit A/D Channels, 8 14-bit D/A channels. It must be used along with the model LR-F28335DAQA, LR-F28335DAQ-1 and the F28335 eZdsp development system.

 Additional Images


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Click image to enlarge

This image shows both the model LR-F28335DAQA and the LR-28335DAQA8x8 daughtercards stacked up and plugged into the F28335 eZdsp board. This configuration results in a maximum of 16 A/D and 16 D/A channels. All 16 A/D channels can be sampled simultaneously, and all 16 D/A channels can be updated simultaneously.


This is an edge view of the image on the left. The bottom board is the F28335 eZdsp board. The next board up is the model LR-F28335DAQA, populated with 8 A/D and 8 D/A channels, along with other peripherals like an RS-232 serial port, 2 user LEDs, 8 digital inputs, etc. The top board is the model LR-28335DAQA8x8, which contains 8 A/D and 8 D/A channels. Notice the increased distance between the eZdsp board and the LR-28335DAQA board. This is achieved with a set of extender connectors, which is included with the purchase of the LR-F28335DAQA. The reason these extenders are required is because of the tall DSP socket present on the F28335 eZdsp board.

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