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RS-232 to Fiber Converter


Model No.: LR-F2812COM-2
RoHS Compliant Product

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Complete Product Information  

The Link Research model LR-F2812COM-2 is an RS-232 to optical fiber serial port converter. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Link Research model LR-F2812COM-1 dual port fiber optic serial port daughtercard. Together, these products allow a PC, PLC, HMI or other processor based controller to commuincate with the eZdsp™ development system in an optically isolated manner.

The model LR-F2812COM-2 is a stand alone board and is supplied with a 5 Volt, desktop power supply. Also, a 6 foot DB-9 RS-232 cable, and two 3 foot lengths of fiber are included with the product.



  • eZdsp™ DSK to PC optically isolated serial communications
  • General purpose RS-232 to fiber converter


What's in the Box
  • Fiber to RS-232 converter board
  • DB-9 Cable
  • Two 3 ft. lengths of fiber
  • 5V power supply

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Ordering information:

Model Number Description
LR-F2812COM-2 This board is a standalone RS-232 to fiber optic converter. It's intended use is to convert a PC's (or other HMI equipment with an RS-232 port) standard serial port to a fiber optic interface. Using this product together with the dual fiber serial port product (model LR-F2812COM-1), a complete optically isolated serial communications system between the eZdsp™ board and a PC can be achieved.

 Typical Application:

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The image above shows a typical use of the LR-F2812COM-2 RS-232 to fiber converter board (center). The laptop is running Code Composer Studio (CCS) and is connected to the F2812 eZdsp board (right) with the DB-25 cable. The DB-9 serial port cable is also connected to the laptop, allowing HyperTerminal or a user's custom program to communicate with the eZdsp board through our model LR-F2812COM-2, to the model LR-F2812COM-1 dual fiber optic daughtercard.

Block Diagram of the Above Application:

The above figure illustrates a setup where the PC is communicating with the eZdsp™ using fiber optic cable. In this example, the PC is galvanically isolated from the eZdsp™ target system. This setup eliminates any possibility of ground loop issues, and avoids issues caused by the difference in ground potentials between the PC system and the target system. Also, any conducted EMI generated by the PC system is not introduced into the DSP target system.


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