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2 Layer Prototyping Board for C5000/C6000 TI Systems


Model No.: LR-PROTO

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>>> Scroll down for a list of excellent sources for surface mount (SMT) adapters <<<

This prototyping daughtercard plugs directly into several 5000/6000 development systems manufactured by Texas Instruments, Inc. and Spectrum Digital, Inc. For specific compatibility information, please refer to our Compatibility Chart.

This board features a 2 layer printed circuit board with a grid of 0.035" diameter holes on 0.1" centers, and silk screen on both sides. All pins of the two 80 pin Samtec connectors are brought out to pads for easy wiring to the expansion connector signals.

To allow efficient power and ground wiring, numerous traces are placed between the grid holes, which run the entire length of the board. These traces are on both sides of the board. These traces connect to access holes, which are placed in between the grid holes, so as to not interrupt the continuous grid of holes.

Each hole is labeled using an X-Y coordinate system where letters are used for rows, and numbers are used for columns. This feature allows creating a wire list in the form: D12-G3, R23-T16, etc.

 Additional Product Images

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The above image shows the model LR-PROTO daughtercard plugged into the 6713 DSK board. A typical prototype circuit is shown, and access to any pin on either expansion connector is easy. Although this board is not available in a stackable form, standard 20x1 headers can be added to the connector pads to provide easy access to Note that the connectors, switches, headers and red and black clips are not included with the model LR-PROTO.

This is a close up view of the corner above one of the expansion connectors. Notice that every expansion connector signal is accessable at a pad (0.035" hole), and that all the pads are clearly numbered. Also seen here is the 0.1" array of holes(also 0.035") for mounting of DIP ICs, headers, SMT adapters, etc. Notice the horizontal busses that run the length of the board on both sides. These busses can be used for power, ground, or any other highly used signal.
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The image above shows a close up view of a corner of the bottom side of the board. The 80 pin Samtec connectors come pre-installed on the board. Like the top side, each signal is clearly numbered in white silkscreen. Notice that the array of holes on the entire board is labeled in an (X,Y) fashion. Each row of holes is given a letter, while each column is given a number. This way, any hole on the board can be referred to by, for example, D27, making it easy to mark connection points on a schematic.



The following sources of surface mount (SMT) adapters
are recommended for use with our prototyping boards

If you would like us to locate SMT adapters for your specific project,
please feel free to
contact us and we will be happy to help!

Capital Advanced Technologies, Inc.

A great source for surface mount adapters,
including their popular surfboard devices.
Adapters are available for virtually any
SMT IC or discrete device in existance!

Capital Advanced Technologies also offers
"Master Kits", which contain one or more of
each adapter in a specific series. These kits
are handy to have in any electronic lab.

Typical products:

Aries Electronics, Inc.

A source for a variety of IC adapters and their popular "Correct-A-Chip" series.

Typical products:


Bellin Dynamic Systems, Inc.

An excellent source for adapters of all kind. Offered as break-off PC boards (as shown to the right)

Typical products:


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